The LLS rIfle (Long-range Laser System Rifle) is the standard UESMC sniper rifle system. Any squad of sharpshooters will have one man equipped with an LLS Rifle and the other will have a PPPS Rifle, Radio Trinoculars, a medical kit, a Zero-Point Generator, and an LTA.
LLS Rifle

The LLS Rifle: Appearance (Top), Mechanical diagram (bottom)

Technology Edit

The LLS Rifle uses LASER technology to hit targets. The ammo clip is ,in fact, a battery which is charged by the Zero-Point Energy Generator that the other member of the team carries. The laser tube at the rear of the weapon is powered by the Zero-Point Battery. The beam is then focused down the barrel, and out of the nozzle. When the beam is travelling down the barrel, it is charged with high-energy photons, (also generated by the battery) and the beam becomes highly energized. The electromagnetic beam travells at the speed of light, and therefore no lag has to be taken into account, nor does distance, wind speed and direction or recoil. A lingering beam can also be produced, but this drains the battery heavily.

Support Man Edit

The support man carries a medical kit for both marines, a PPPS Rifle for medium and close range protection, and also limited sniper support for the Gunman. He also carries a pair of Radio Trinoculars for target spotting, a Zero-Point Generator for the LLS Rifle battery, and an advanced LTA (Laser Targeting Array) for details on the shot such as body armour, cover etc.

Gunman Edit

The Gunman has the job of carrying the heavy LLS Rifle and killing targets. He takes his information from the Support Man and has to be incredibly accurate (the width of the beam is only a couple of millimetres). He relies on the Support Man for medium to short range support, and to recharge his batteries.

Uses Edit

Sharpshooter teams are deployed anywhere from isolated recon missions on the outer edges of solar systems, to raging high-tech battlefields. All in all, their main purposes are reconnaissance and elimination of key targets. They are very effective and equipped to do both of these tasks.