PPPS Rifle (Personal Particle Propulsion System Rifle) is the standard firearm for a UESMC Rifleman. It has the best cost-effectiveness ratio known to military science.

Technology Edit

The PPPS Rifle uses a gamma-reactive element named Tantalium, hit by emmited gamma rays. In the rear section of the weapon, a neutron-emmiting source fires fast neutrons into a non-activated gamma source, which is fed in by the rear ammo clip. The fired neutrons collide with the dormant gamma source, and force it to emmit gamma rays. This source is then dropped into the chamber. This forces the Tantalium rod to condense because the secont half of the chamber is sealed, forcing the rod to condense in reaction to the gamma rays forcing the atoms foreward. the row of lights on the side of the gun tells the operator of the level of condension. This allows the operator to both decide the power of the shot (by the level of condesion, and therefore the level of potential energy in the rod), and know when the seal of the chamber will no longer hold the Tantalium rod. This makes the PPPS Rifle suitable for both short an long (see the scope) range shots. The whole reaction starts when the trigger is pulled (droping the dormant gamma source into the active neutron-emmiting source) and finishes when the trigger is released (opening the chamber). the power of the shot is determined by the length of time the trigger is held in for.

PPPS Rifle, Mechanical diagram(Right)